Our Easter and a Setback

We had a lovely Easter weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, which meant most of our time was spent outside (when we weren't running errands and packing, that is).
Our Easter Attire (notice Cohen's mouth is filled with peanut butter crackers from his Easter eggs)

Chris and I were completely shocked by Cohen's egg hunting skills, it was as if he'd been hunting eggs for years.  He picked up every egg, put them all in the basket, and even knew how to open them up. Once he figured out there were crackers inside, I think each egg was opened in less than a minute:) He was pretty cute to watch.

I'm glad it was Easter weekend so we could keep our minds off the house issue we unexpectedly ran into Friday.  Long story short, our closing was moved from Monday (yesterday) to Wednesday because there was an issue with the seller's bank.  Not a huge setback, but still annoying.  I'm an extreme planner, so when things like this pop up at the last minute, I tend to get more stressed out than I need to be.  Keep your fingers crossed everything goes as planned tomorrow, we have really busy schedules for the next 2 weeks, so any other delays would be really difficult.

On the subject of really busy schedules, I know I've often said we are busy lately, but this time I really mean it!  No really!  The next two weeks will be insanely crazy around our parts, so please be patient with me, as I'd be shocked if I find the time to write anything over the next few weeks. Here's why: The rest of this week will include: Three 4 hour round-trip drives (between our old house and new house), closing on our new house, two important phone interviews, a going away party, a 30th birthday party, the movers arrive to pack our house, and Chris has a conference in Des Moines.  Next week: The movers will deliver all of our belongings to the new house, my parents arrive from Washington on Tuesday, we have tons of new house projects to attempt while my parents are here to help, unpack a bazillion boxes, we're hosting Cohen's first birthday party with family, attending the Olympic Trials, and hopefully we'll have time to visit my cousin who just delivered her son 15-weeks early (major prayer request by the way).

Oh and did I mention, do all of this while attending to our one year-old's every need.

Phew!  Tired of reading my explanation of why I'll be MIA for awhile? Cause I'm tired of writing about it. Next time I write, I hope to have lots of pictures of the new place!  Be forewarned it's a MAJOR fixer-upper, so get ready to see lots of house projects in the near future.

Until next time, Monica

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