My Apologies

I'm officially the World's worst blogger as of late.  I'd like to blame it on a myriad of things but really we've just been in our own little world.  We've been preparing for the move, visiting my grandparents who just returned to Iowa from Oregon (where they spend their Winters), and taking time to enjoy this wonderful State we live in.  Friday Cohen and I spent half the afternoon outside, watching my grandpa mow the lawn (Cohen is obsessed with lawn mowers at the moment), playing in piles of grass clippings, rolling down the huge hills in my grandparent's back yard, and bird watching (he's also obsessed with birds).  I'm trying to make an effort to enjoy these last few days of calm before the move, so don't expect to see me on here much in the next couple weeks.  I promise to get back to my regular posting as soon as were moved and settled in.  Oh, and I promise to post some new house pictures soon too. {Monica}

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  1. heres to moving. husband and i are moving saturday. yay! hopefully your move goes smoothly. :)