Yesterday was a Long Day

Yesterday was a long day.  One of those days that seemed twice as long as it really was.  Cohen had his One Year Wellness Checkup which meant 5 shots and 1 vile of blood drawn.  He screamed, cried, and even shook uncontrollably he was so upset, it was absolutely awful to watch.  On top of that, he's cutting his 14th tooth...yes, I said FOURTEENTH TOOTH (at 12 months old, might I add). Cutting this many teeth at this young age isn't fair, and his high grade fevers that come with his teething aren't fair either. Oh wait there's more...I also thought yesterday would be a good day to transition him from a bottle to a sippy cup.  We've been working on this change for a couple months now and for the most part Cohen transitioned easily.  It was just the last feeding of the day that seemed difficult for him (and us) to get rid of.  We'd try our hardest each evening to ignore his desperate bottle cries, but I'd always give in..  As soon as I'd come to his rescue with bottle in hand, he'd immediately relax and be asleep within 5 minutes allowing us both to get our much needed sleep. But last night was different, I was determined not to give in. As bedtime approached I knelt down to Cohen's eye level and explained to him the change that needed to happen.  He had absolutely no clue about what I was saying, but he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes oblivious to the impending changes.  I put him to bed, turned on some music, and closed the door.  At first it wasn't bad, but five minutes later his calm babbling turned into wailing.  He'd cry, then almost fall asleep.  Cry, then almost fall asleep.  This cycle went on and on for what seemed like hours (when really it was only 34 minutes), then finally there was complete silence. Ahh, I did it.  I really did it.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the difficult day.

 It's hard to be a mom on days like yesterday, when everything seems to go wrong.  It's hard enough to make decisions on vaccines and wonder if you are making the right choices, let alone watch your innocent baby boy get needles shoved in his cute little thighs and scream in pain.  Parenting is hard sometimes, but I find single parenting really difficult.  It's hard being alone every week, and yesterday really reiterated the fact that life is much better with Chris around. If he was here yesterday, I'd have someone reassuring me that my decisions were formed with Cohen's best interest in mind, and even just tell me I'm doing a good job. Sometimes a few words of affirmation can put everything back into perspective.{Monica}

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  1. ahhh....so glad to hear you made it! It is so hard when your baby is crying. When Cy had just turned 5 weeks & wasn't catching onto the --fall back asleep after eating in the middle of the night thing-- and this momma was TIRED we brought Tucker into our bedroom in the pack & play & let Cy cry his little heart out til he fell asleep on his own. It took 1.5 hrs, but he DID IT & since that night he could put himself back to sleep WITHOUT crying! Horray. As parents its important to suffer a little for a long term victory. Keep it up Momma, you're doing a great job!