Weekly Links and a Controversial Subject

One. this soup is on the weekend menu. I hope it's as good as it looks and sounds, but really how can you go wrong with roasted cauliflower and white cheddar? When I find recipes like this, it makes me happy to be married to a former vegetarian who never ever complains about meatless meals. 

Two.  Call me a tree hugger, but I love this idea.  You just fill a suet feeder with yarn scraps, and birds will take the pieces to weave into their nests. I would love to sit on our new front porch and watch sweet little birds make their Spring nests.

Three. This how to remain calm when your child is having a meltdown guide.  Cohen is just starting to enter into the phase of mini-meltdowns, especially in the evenings when he gets overly tired.  Most evenings I'm able to stay calm, speak in love, and dissolve the situation easily; but, there are those rare other nights when I just want to scream.  I'm hoping to use some of these pointers next time one of those "I just want to scream" nights comes around.

Four.  Rarely do I use this blog as a forum for anything even remotely controversial, so I hesitate to even make comments on the Joseph Kony or the Kony2012.com movement I see so many people speaking about these days.  My feelings are this, Is Joseph Kony a deplorable human being? 100% yes!  Does he need to be captured and punished for his horrendous reign of terror? Absolutely! By no means am I anti the Kony2012 movement, the more people who know about him the better, but I'm however on the fence about Invisible Children (the company who launched the Kony2012 film and started this movement). Once again...I said "on the fence", which means I haven't formed my opinion on them quite yet. I'll be honest, I'm always sceptical of these sorts of things when they first catch fire. Rarely do I ever jump on bandwagons or join movements, mostly because I refuse to advocate any social initiative without doing my due diligence first, and I think you should all do the same. Most of you have seen the video, but what you may not know is there are a lot of people speaking out against it. After watching the video, I was a bit suprised to read this, this, this, this and this.  I feel I still need to dig a bit deeper before casting judgement either way, and I think you should do the same too. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'll be away for the next four days, but back Tuesday to wish the sweetest boy I know a Happy First Birthday.  Can you believe we have a one year old?  Where does the time go?  Happy Thursday! {Monica}

Update: Since my post this morning, invisible children posted this response to their opposition.


  1. Monica, Good for you! I appreciate you speaking your mind. It really angers me when people jump on these political band wagons because it's the cool thing to do, and doing no research on their own. I personally am for the Kony2012 project, but only after doing a vast amount of reading on my own. Just because you watch a 30 minute video doesn't mean you know what you are talking about.

  2. I was talking to my friend just this morning about this video. She posted a few links to the video on her Facebook page, so I watched it and asked her a few questions. She knew nothing about the video, and hadn't even watched the video herself. She said she posted it because she saw everyone else posting it. This infuriated me!

    I like you have yet to form my own opinions, but can't for the life of me understand why people chose to advocate for a cause they know nothing about.

  3. In the telegraph article you referenced here, this is the one argument that make me the most cautious about donating to the IC cause,

    Rosebell Kagumire, a Ugandan journalist specialising in peace and conflict reporting, said: “This paints a picture of Uganda six or seven years ago, that is totally not how it is today. It’s highly irresponsible”.

  4. I love that yarn feeder idea! How fun!
    PS I tagged you in a post!