snippets 3.5.12

We had one of those weekends where you do a million things, but somehow still manage to feel relaxed. The best kind of weekends, if you as me. We ate great food, met new people, watched the snow fall, cleaned the house, napped, started this book, and ran a bunch of errands.  Sometimes weekends feel too short, but this one felt just right.
Sunday morning breakfast.  Would you believe me if I told you this took less than five minutes to prepare? This is my favorite "looks like it took hours" cheater breakfast. 

As mentioned in Friday's post, this recipe was on the weekend menu.  It was a major hit with Cohen!  He loved the rice noodles and meatballs, in fact I think he would have eaten the entire pot if we would have let him. Chris and I thought it was just "okay".  I added some cilantro and mushrooms to our bowls for extra flavor, but it was still a bit bland for us.  If I make it again, the broth will have to get tweaked a bit.
Sunday afternoon brought a bit of unexpected snow. 
We let Cohen venture out into the snow for a few short minutes.  He kept pulling his gloves off so he could grab the snow with his bare hands...hence, only being outside for a short amount of time.  He quickly realized prolonged snow holding leads to unexpected pain. Poor little guy.

Enjoy the week everyone! {Monica}


  1. Oh my gosh, the breakfast looks like the best thing ever!

  2. That breakfast took 5 minutes!? I'm impressed!

  3. We have a cute son! :)