weekly links

here are a few things i'm loving this week.
one. scandinavian rabbit softies from jane foster.  can you say easter basket?

two. this blog. the images are beautiful.  the people are beautiful. the animals are ridiculously adorable. it almost makes me want to quit my job and live on a farm. almost.
three. single serving ciao bella sorbet. have you seen these tiny jewels in your supermarket yet?  if so, you must try one.  not only are the flavors absolutely delicious but the packaging is adorable.  i'm a total sucker for packaging and these don't disappoint.  inside each of these tiny bowls is a tiny sorbet spoon, a sweet note, and a vibrantly colored sweet treat.  yum.

any weekend plans?  besides watching the super bowl and attending a first birthday party, we plan on staying hunkered down in the house soaking up as much time together as possible before chris goes back to work monday.  should be a fun weekend and i hope yours is too.  happy friday! {monica}

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