chris got home early friday night so we meet at noodles & company for dinner. i wish i had a video of cohen's expression when chris drove up, it was the cutest thing!  he had the biggest smile on his face, like he was smiling with his entire body.  this sweet boy loves his daddy.
saturday, was colton's first birthday party.  tim and jessica were the first friends we made when we moved to iowa, and honestly probably the sweetest people we know. i remember waddling into the hospital 9 months pregnant to visit jessica and meet colton the day after he was born, seems like yesterday. jessica was the most beautiful mom post labor, she looked like she just went to the spa...not like a woman who just delivered a 9+lb baby.  it was great catching up with them and celebrating colton's special day.
we stopped and got frozen yogurt from a new place in town.  normally, i am strictly a chocolate yogurt topped with almonds girl, but i just couldn't pass up the giant heart shaped marshmallows.  it's almost valentine's day, so i have an excuse right?
sunday we got up early, went to church since chris and i were on nursery duty, came home had lunch, and watched the super bowl.  cohen decided this weekend that he only needed one nap a day, which was really odd for a habitual two nap a day guy.  he laid on chris' chest for a long 3 hour nap, i snapped this picture when we woke up. he still looks like he could sleep longer, but we made him get up fearing he would never go to bed on time. once cohen went down for the night we went to bed early, then things took a turn for the worse. at around 10 i woke up with the horrible "i need to throw up" feeling.  it was a long night.  a really long night.  thankfully chris was home to get cohen ready in the morning and take him to the babysitter, i really don't know what i would have done without him there.  i couldn't eat, drink, or go an hour without throwing up. talk about awful! i'm still not sure if it was food poisoning (because chris/cohen ate the same things i did) or if i had the flu?  whatever it was, i'm praying cohen and chris don't get it.  operation sanitize the entire house is on tonight! happy wednesday! {monica}

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  1. The yogurt looks amazing! I thought those were homemade marshmallows at first. So cute!
    Your family is cute!