snippets 2.27.12

We had a simply lovely weekend.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend long. The sun was shining, birds were singing songs of Spring, and the temperature made it into the 50s, a real rarity for Iowa in February. To celebrate the sunshine we played outside in the yard, walked to the store to pick up a movie, and kept the windows wide open to soak up some much needed Vitamin D. 

While Cohen napped Saturday morning we quickly cleaned the house for two house showings.  It's amazing how fast the house gets cleaned when Chris and I are both home!  When I'm home alone during the week, it seems to take 4x the amount of effort to get the house into a "show worthy" state. I don't know how Chris is able to clean as quickly as he does, but let me tell you, he is such a giant help when he's home. Besides two house showings, we watched the Oscars, ran a few errands, ate too much good food, talked about projects for the new house and watched a terrible movie. Here are some pictures from the past 48 hours.
a new necklace
bed head
giving floral denim a try

                                                a bowl full of toys we found under the couch when cleaning

Don't you just love productive yet relaxing weekends.  If only every weekend was so rejuvinating.  Happy Monday! {Monica}

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