snippets 2.20.12

whew, what a weekend.  i have a bunch of big updates to share, but they will have to wait until later in the week when i have a bit more time to write. until then, here are a few snippets from our weekend.
cohen gave his overalls a try saturday.  he looks so quintessential iowa in them don't you think? all that's missing is a tractor and boots, he's such a good sport when i play dress up with him.  i love this photo of our sweet boy with all the sunlight streaming in through our giant wall of windows.  i'm really going to miss these windows and all the beautiful sunlight when we move.

as usual, we took long afternoon naps both saturday and sunday.  cohen is a rare snuggler, so these naps are a real treat for chris and i, we usually fight over who gets to nap with him because we're dorks like that.
the weather was absolutely perfect this weekend, warm enough even to take cohen to the park, a real rarity for iowa winters. cohen absolutely loved the swings! he smiled the entire time and let out the cutest giggles each time we pushed him.  here's a short clip of  his swinging joy.

besides napping and swinging, we got a bunch of stuff done around the house too.  chris vacuumed the cars out, i got two trash bags of clothes organized and ready to take to the consignment shops today, we filled two more trash bags (one) with unused/expired bathroom and kitchen supplies and (two) with bathroom and kitchen donation items, and we cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. can you say productive weekend?  doesn't it feel great to declutter? i think so. i'll be back later in the week with a couple big updates!  things are really starting to come together in our house and i can't wait to share. happy monday! {monica}

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