Mom Clothes

Although it's still fun for me to open my closet in the morning and see pretty little pieces of clothing hanging in the sunlight, I find myself less excited to write about clothes these days.  Rather than fill my spare time flipping pages of fashion magazines and scouring my favorite fashion blogs in search of inspiration, I'd much prefer evenings spent on the floor playing blocks with the sweetest little boy I know. My 20 year-old self is probably rolling her eyes at this revelation, but it's true. My interests are changing, evolving. I now read mom blogs (my current favorites include: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), pin creative things to do with a toddler, and dream of living a simpler life in our future home.

I mention this because I've been getting a few emails lately, asking  if I'm going to write "Look of the Day" posts anymore and to that my answer is No! But, don't go writing hate emails, because I have a solution. Rather than devote entire posts to one outfit, I'm going to have a new series called "Mom Clothes".   I can't guarantee how frequent they will be featured, remember I'm on a mission to simplify here, but I can promise they will be a more consise post about what I've worn lately. If I happen to have a second for Chris to snap a picture of what I'm wearing I'll post it, but I'm going to wait until I've amassed a couple of outfits to share. It saves both you "the reader" and me "the busy mama" some time.

I'll also be staring a new series to go along with "Mom Clothes" called "Cohen Clothes", with the same premise in mind.  Each post will be a compliation of what Cohen has worn recently, these I'm assuming will be posted on a more frequent basis since Chris and I refer to ourselves as Cohen's paparazzi and have amassed a large array of "Cohen Clothes" posts already.  Is this making sense?  My attempt at making life a bit simpler?  Maybe I'm making it more difficult? I guess I'll have to wait and see.
That being said, here's my first "Mom Clothes" post featuring what I wore last weekend. 

floral pants: forever 21, heels: payless, tee: hanes, yellow sweater: salvation army, necklace: forever 21 (here)

Introducing my first attempt at floral denim.  I always feel a bit odd buying anything from a store called Forever 21 considering I no longer have a two as the first number in my age (yes, I'm thirty).  Really, I don't frequent the store as often as I used too, but let's face it, it's hard to pass up their low prices. Again on the subject of low prices, I bought this cardigan at a thrift store last month and have pretty much lived in it ever since. No really! I wear it to bed, around the house on weekends, and now to the mall as pictured here. I'm convinced it's cashmere, but can't guarantee that since there isn't a garmet tag.

shoes: dollhouse via goodwill, pants: really old j.crew, belt: vintage, flannel shirt: husband's (thrifted)

I realize this isn't the most exciting outfit in the world, nor are the proportions the greatest, but to play around in the wet back yard with a crazy boy, this is as chic as it gets at our house. In fact, I changed my shoes shortly after this picture was taken because my feet were getting far too wet.  

There you have it.  I already think compliling a bunch of different outfits into one post will be much easier. Plus, in doing this, I'll have more time to write little tid-bits about our day to day life, recipes, our impending house remodel, and crafting endevours.  For those of you who read this long winded post, I promise fashion posts will be more consise from here on out. promise.  {Monica}


  1. yay, thanks so much for bringing your outfits back. i love everything you wear.

  2. i love this idea. anything to make your life easier is fine by me!

  3. I love those shoes! So cute! :)