look of the day. clearance euphoria.

top: tj maxx (clearance), skinnies/belt: f21, shoes: seychelles (purchased 10 years ago), cardigan/bag:thrifted, bangles: target/h&m(gift)/diy

 ever buy something because you think it's such a great deal, but bring it home and realize what you bought wasn't as great as you thought? i call it clearance euphoria.  defined as: a momentary lapse in fashion judgement caused by the surprisingly low price on a clearance tag.  this shirt was one of those clearance euphoria moments. i bought it and now i hate it. it makes me feel like a hawaiian tourist, minus the spf 70 and camera around my neck. and what made this purchase even worse was the fact that it was a final sale, which means no returns. so rather than let this top sit in my closet and haunt me, i was determined to make it work. here you have it...my clearance euphoria shirt.  made to look much better by the clothespin holding an extra seven inches of fabric behind my back.

that's my clearance euphoria story, now what's yours?  i'd love to hear it.  happy wednesday! {monica)


  1. okay, i love the whole outfit, but that top is AMAZING, are you kidding me?! wow!

    i get buyer's remorse sometimes too, and every single time it's because i think i'm getting such a steal. i wish i could be one of those people who has self control and buys only a few things that they KNOW they will love and use. apparently i'm a clothes hoarder.

  2. I love it! I've suffered from Clearance Euphoria many of times!! You are too cute, Monica! I love this look on you. And I REALLY want these shoes!!!!