home inspections

can i please just say...home inspections really stress me out!
let me rephrase that, home inspections on century old homes really stress me out!

this will be the second 100 year old home we've purchased in the last three years, so i realize the need to have each and every crevasse inspected, but when it comes to the inspection findings i tend to get really overwhelmed. try as i might, i really don't understand the ins and outs of construction, plumbing, and electrical wiring. my husband, the architect, on the other hand can speak the inspection lingo with the best of them. words like watts, amps, and joists flow off his tongue like it's normal. this is not normal people! when it comes to conversations i don't understand (like home inspections), my first instinct is to shut down.  rather than feel like an idiot trying to act as if i know what in the heck chris and the inspector are talking about, i just nod my head quietly as if i know what boiler sludge is?  it's really, r.e.a.l.l.y frustrating.a home is a big investment and i really wish i understood more, so i wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.  does anyone else feel this way?

that being said, we had our home inspection yesterday. overall it went really well. the inspector even made a comment about the home, saying he hadn't seen an old home in this good of shape for a long time (phew, that was a huge sigh of relief).  there were a couple of bigger issues about topics i'm unfamiliar with, so i won't even attempt to try to explain them, but let's just say we are going to need some professionals to come take a look at the potential problem areas. neither issue would be a deal breaker, but we will definitely ask for concessions where there are immediate problems. 

hopefully, we'll be able to get all the inspection issues resolved quickly and get on with our move.  i just can't wait to get over there and live with my husband again.  this single mama stuff is great sometimes, but i'd rather have chris around any day.   have a good weekend everyone! happy friday! {monica} 


  1. good luck with all the home stuff. husband and i are going throught the exact same thing right now and i feel your "pain." home inspections are stressful in every bit of the sense. i'm glad yours went well though - ours not so much, so we are on to the next batch of houses. :)

  2. oh no! that's no fun! hopefully you find a new place soon!