our sweet baby boy is eleven months old today. i really can't believe it.  i know i said a couple months ago that 9 months was my favorite age, but i've changed my mind eleven months is my new favorite.  i've seen such a huge change in cohen over the last month personality wise.  he's funny, charming, joyful, and a total ham. he loves social situations, interaction, and all the attention he gets from strangers when he's out and about. it's as if he is starting to understand the life he is living and how he should interact with the world around him.

hand's down, this last month has been the funniest month of his existence.  i've lost count of how many times i''ve been brought to tears, laughing hysterically at his antics. last week alone he laughed so hard he fell over, went to the bathroom in the middle of the kitchen floor (a long story), drank his baby-sitters chocolate milk when she wasn't looking, took a lint roller to bed with him, and learned how to take all of his clothes off at nap time.  this little boy we have is quite the character.
eleven months will soon be long gone sweet boy, but i hope we always remember each one of your sweet moments and milestones. you mean the world to your father and i, and we continue to be amazed by each and everything you do.  we love you to pieces. happy monday! {monica}

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