diy neon striped sunglass case

i'm all about cheater crafting these days.  let's face it...i'm a single mom 5 days a week, my 10 1/2 month old son doesn't stop moving unless he's eating or sleeping, and i work full time which leaves me with little time to do anything creative. long gone are the days where i could sit down at my sewing machine for hours each night. long gone are the weekends filled with large scale projects and you know what? i'm just fine with that, because i've been able to find "cheater" ways around large scale projects.  like this diy neon striped sunglass case.
the way i made this diy quick and easy was to use a store bought case. instead of sewing a sunglass case on my own, i purchased a premade wool sunglass case from hobby lobby (our local craft store).  to measure, cut, and sew a case on my own would have taken at least an hour, which is time i just don't have anymore. if you can't find a sunglass case at your craft store, feel free to make one on your own or even paint the existing case you have.
what you need: neon paint (i used this), store bought sunglass case (i used this then cut the star off), and a small paint brush.
once you have the supplies all you have to do is paint the neon stripe.  i painted the stripe free hand, but you can easily measure the stripe if you don't feel comfortable free handing it. once the first layer of paint has dried, go over the stripe one more time with a second layer of paint (because my case is a coarse haired fabric, i needed two layers of paint to cover well).  when the second layer of paint has dried completely it's done. easy as that! the total work time for this was less than 10 minutes.

can i just say, i'm slightly obsessed with neon at the moment.  i find myself wanting to put a little on everything. my poor husband keeps rolling his eyes at me. i have a couple more neon projects i'll share shortly, but until then i hope you find a little time to try this diy for yourself!  it's one of those instant gratification projects that i love, and hope you will too.

  happy tuesday! {monica}

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