bad news. good news.

Bad News. Last week I stopped by my favorite thrift store only to find their lease wasn't renewed and they would be closing doors Saturday.
Good News. The only positive thing about my beloved thift store having to close their doors, was the 50% off sale they had all last week.  I was able to swoop in and get a bunch of bargains before the rest of the town found out about their impending closure.  I filled an entire shopping cart, we're talking mounded  and walked away spending only $17.45.  Talk about thrift store jackpot! 

Here were my favorite finds for Cohen's closet.

The vintage treasures (two button ups, three tees, two polo tees, and cashmere...yes, you read that right, cashmere pants)

A trio of amazing slightly used sweaters (the one on the left is Hanna Andersson, the other two are Gap)

Pretty great right?  There are a few other items that were still in the wash I didn't wait to photograph, but I'm sure you will see Cohen donning all of the finds shortly. I plan on doing another post or two to show the other gems we scored for our home in the very near future, so stay tuned for those as well.  Have a great Tuesday! {Monica}

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  1. Very cute finds. I love the three sweaters you picked up.