5 things i love and don't love about the iPhone

i mentioned this a few weekends ago, but in case you missed it...my super rad husband bought me an iphone.  and not just any iphone but the 4s (i'm still not sure what that means by the way, but it makes chris happy so i'll pretend it makes me just as excited). as a first time iphone owner i've come to realize there are some serious benefits of owning this pocket sized gadget, but i've also come to realize there are things i miss about my old phone (which was a HTC EVOO 4G by the way).

5 things i love about the iphone
-instagram:  in my opinion instagram kicks twitter's butt. why? because it's all pictures. yeah there are comments about the pictures, but if you post an update, a picture must be included.  it's pretty darn awesome
-the camera: the simple editing features are such a huge time saver. you can reduce red-eye, crop, rotate, and enhance with a simple click.  it's perfect for quick blog posts and all the cohen emails we send to our family and friends.
 -facetime: let me just say facetime rocks! with our family in oregon and chris working 2-hours away from cohen and i, facetime really is amazing. it's so much easier to use than skype. i just pick up my phone, dial my chris' number, and there is cute little face is. it's so easy even i can figure it out. we still use skype often, since not everyone has an iphone/ipad to facetime with, but even my parents are considering buying iphones now solely because of facetime.
-no fingerprints: i realize this isn't a big deal to most people, but with a 10 month old who is constantly covering my phone with his sticky fingers it's amazing.  the screen is covered with some kind of oil repels finger prints. crazy huh?
-overall ease of use: i find the iphone easier to use. simple.as.that.

5 thing i don't love about the iphone
-the battery life: the battery life hasn't been great thus far.  i use my phone tons, so i've been having to charge my phone at least once a day if not more. maybe i'm doing something wrong or have too many features turned on at the same time?  who knows? i'm still trying to figure it out.
-no bubble breaker: are you kidding me iphone? no bubble breaker?  you have a bunch of free apps claiming to be bubble breaker, but all of them are lame impersonations of the real deal.  looks like i have to find a new addicting game for road trips.
-no 4G:  let me start this one by saying, i had absolutely no idea what 4G meant before owning the iphone.  chris always raved about 4G and i would nod my head in a desperate attempt to act like i knew what he was talking about.  well, i now know what 4G is and let me tell you...i miss it. i really notice the difference with internet download times, the iphone is slower.
-the price: iphone you are expensive.
-the wireless network pop-ups: this may just be because i haven't set up my phone correctly, but why is there a pop-up every time i enter a new wireless area?  i sincerely hope there is a way of blocking them.

if i had to choose between the two, i'd probably choose the iphone. mostly because we use facetime daily, it's really been a perfect phone for our long distance marriage.  chris can see cohen and and i every night, cohen can see his daddy, once again facetime rocks. have i said enough about facetime yet?.  happy thursday! {monica}

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  1. i love my iphone.. and instagram and facetime, except i've only done it once..

    there are so many cool camera apps on it.. another cool free camera app is phototreats.

    i wish it was 4g too.. except the 4s is way faster than my old iphone..so it's better that way..

    happy iphoning!