weekly links.

here are a few of my favorite finds this week.  if you follow me on pinterest, you've already seen most of these, but not all. so please enjoy.
in starting to dream about cohen's future big boy room.  here are two things that caught my eye. a lovely orange headboard from tabletonic and this oh so adorable mini desk from kenzipoo.
 i love the whimsy of this heart sweater (worn by krystal) and yellow bow tie (worn by indiana).  i think i might attempt to recreate these in a future diy?  we'll see. 
these free printables from i rock so what. i'm pretty sure this bacon one is going up in our house somewhere.

this awesome article on a child's perception of the word no.  what children hear is much different from what we say.

the sewing school turtorials on a beautiful mess last week.  as a novice seamstress, i've been learning a bunch.

what's caught your eye this week? happy thursday! {monica}

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  1. i wish i had pinterest! still waiting for them to approve me, taking forever! Great pics i love how colorful everything is :)