weekend goodbyes.

our goodbyes were as expected. i cried. chris wiped my tears, hugged me tight and said sweet words. cohen smiled oblivious to the changes ahead. chris signed i love you as we drove away.  it was hard. much harder than expected, but i'm determined to put on my big girl pants and put on a happy face for cohen (while secretly counting the hours until chris is home again).  happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Hope time goes fast for ya!
    Before you know it you will be in a brand new city with a new house and everything will be falling into place!!
    Until then GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. YUCK!! I couldn't imagine!! Good luck tackling everything on your own. I know we don't really 'know' each other yet, but if you ever need anything while Chris is away, please let us know...we're in Ankeny. Can't wait until you look back at this time and it's just a little blurp!