ten. months. old.  it's hard to believe.

a brief update on mister cohen... he has eight teeth four on top and four on the bottom. he tips the scales at 24 lbs and is 30 inches tall. he's a real life walker now. not just a ten steps at a time-crash-five steps at a time-crash kind of walker, but an honest to goodness goes from a sit to a stand walker. a hardly even tries to crawl anymore kind of walker. it's just plain crazy. he likes to read, talk (in babbling form), and try new things. he is busy. he doesn't sit still unless he's sleeping or eating, which makes for long, but oh-so fun days. he enjoys getting into everything he shouldn't get into like kitchen cabinets, dog food, trash cans, and other disgusting things.

his big personality is really starting to shine these days.  he's turned into quite the talker.  last month he hardly babbled, this month he's saying "ma ma" "da da" "gogg (which means dog)" and all sorts of other hilarious noises.  in the last couple weeks, he's really gotten into building toys like blocks and tinker toys. he could play with blocks all night long i think.  tinkertoys are still far to advanced for his little hands to figure out, but he loves to watch chris and i build things with them. am i sensing another architect in our house?  of course it's too early to tell.
happy ten months baby bug.  we love you to pieces.  happy thursday! {monica}

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