can i please tell you how nice it was to be together as a family again?  what a wonderful family i have. we spent the weekend at home, leaving only for a coffee run and to pick up a couple groceries. it was simply lovely.  here's a few snippets from our weekend. 
i'm a lucky girl when it comes to vacuuming.  chris loves, and i mean loves to vacuum.  i've never once vacuumed our house in our entire marriage (crazy, huh?). chris vacuums every time we clean and sometimes multiple times a week.  i'm not sure how i got so lucky, but i'm not going to argue with his obsession.  it's great.  cohen seems to follow in his father's footsteps and loves the vacuum too.  he follows chris around from room to room laughing and studying how the machine works.  it's the sweetest thing.
left. mr. bolt, who i'm convinced is the craziest poodle on earth. right. story time before bed.

left: the cutest little red shoes chris walked in the front door with for cohen.  right. a sore teething boy, who hardly wants to chew.

aren't those shoes the cutest?  they look so adorable on cohen's chubby feet. we rarely put shoes on him, so it took a while for him to catch onto how to walk in them, but now he's got it down.  chris also brought me home the new iphone which i absolutely love.  i'd never had one before, so i'm still learning, but i'm obsessed with instagram ( i'm @madebymonica if you want to follow).  in fact i think i like it better than twitter, since it's all pictures?  what are your thoughts?  in other weekend news, poor cohen spent the weekend cutting two more teeth. he's ten months and now has ten teeth.  i know parents get excited about their kid's teeth, but i really dislike him getting this many teeth this young.  the little guy hardly ate and had super high teething fevers. anyone else have issues with high teething fevers?  cohen's are usually 104-105 and scare me.  my pediatrician doesn't seem alarmed since the fevers break quickly, but this is his third high grade fever in two months (each one with a new tooth). 

also, if you missed yesterday's post, i really need your help with cohen's birthday, so check it out and lend some advice.   happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Ugh! Jealous! Vacuuming is one of my most dreaded tasks!! Lucky girl!! :)

  2. i like this idea that instagram is like twitter for photos. it's the second time i've heard it recently. ten teeth, woah! hope mr. cohen feel better soon.