single mama.

 i've only been a single mama for three days now, and let me tell you it is hard. to all you single parents out there...i salute you.  you are superhuman!  i really don't know how you do it each and every day?  small things like taking a shower, cooking healthful meals, or using the restroom require a well planned strategy. although it's hard, being home alone with cohen is the best.  he says mama all  the time, gives me lots of big smiles and hugs, and is even being more snuggly than usual (he must know i need the cuddle time).  being his mom is pretty darn great. here are a few pictures of what we've been up to.
cohen got a big package from his great grandparents in wyoming. this was the first time he's gotten into ripping the paper off of a gift.   it was pretty cute!  thanks grandpa don and gradma k for the gift.
i've been busy painting wooden toys for cohen after he goes to bed. i'm trying to get a jump start on his birthday gifts while i have the time (more on this later).

after eating wendy's spicy chicken nuggets monday night and a frozen burrito tuesday night, i was ready for a something fresh and heathy.  i made this red curry bowl, and it really hit the spot.  can't wait to eat the leftovers today.

excited to spend another fun evening with my little guy tonight, but even more excited to have chris come home tomorrow night.  although, i'm really enjoying all this special alone time with cohen, life is much better when chris is home too!  happy thursday! {monica}

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  1. Those wooden toys are really cute.

    Enjoy your weekend!