saying goodbye.

cohen and i will be saying our goodbyes to chris this weekend. he'll be moving, looking for a place we can have a short term lease at and starting his new job, while cohen and i stay behind and get some things finalized here at home.  chris and i have spent nearly a year of our marriage apart, so you'd think i would be used to this short term set up, but this will be the first time living apart since having cohen.  it makes me sad.  for myself, but mostly for cohen and chris who spend most evenings glued at the hip.  it's going to be a big change for them both.  thankfully, chris will only be a two hour drive away so we plan on being together every weekend, but it will still be hard. we don't know how long we'll live this way, but we're hoping to get our plan of action settled within the next thirty days. i'll be back tuesday to let you know how our goodbyes went, but my posts may be sporadic for the next little while as i figure out how to be a semi-single mama.  happy friday! {monica}


  1. How sad! :-( I remember when my dad had to work in another state for a few months when I was little (coming home on weekends)..leaving me and my mom in the same situation your in right now w/Cohen..so I can 'kinda' relate. It is hard..but with God..you definately won't be alone in this! Will be saying a prayer for you guys!

  2. Aww, thinking of you guys!! I hope the thirty days (or less!) goes by quickly, and results in a good set up for you post-move. Xo, Katie

  3. Wow! Praying that things go smoothly and that you don't have to be apart too long. :)