a pregnancy wives tale i believe.

when we were pregnant, i read about all sorts of pregnancy wives tales. all of them proved to be incorrect in our case, but the one wives tale i whole heartedly believe to be true now that i'm a mom, is the if you eat a wide variety of foods while you are pregnant, your child won't be a picky eater one.  our birthing class teacher said this over and over through out my pregnancy, and although i wasn't completely sold on this notion then, i did as i was told like the good student i am.

eating a variety of food while pregnant wasn't a difficult thing for me, as i never had pregnancy food aversions and i have never been a picky eater in my entire life. even as a kid, i ate everything my mom fed me. for my entire pregnancy i tried my hardest to eat the widest variety of food possible. i ate sweet/sour/spicy/extra spicy/thai/mexican/american/dairy/bland foods/sushi/seafood/tons of different vegetables and fruits/occasional lattes and anything else i could get my swollen hands on.  even though i wasn't fully on board with this theory at the time, i secretly hoped it was true.   you see, i come from a foodie family.  my parents are both unusually great cooks.  they have always experimented with ingredients and flavors and passed their love of great food onto me, so naturally i wanted to pass this foodie tradition onto our children.

once cohen was born,  i was anxious to see what type of eater he would be. we started of the usual way, with doctor recommended rice cereal, then slowly introduced new foods into his diet.  when we were able to rule out any food allergies (thank you jesus), the real test began.  we decided that whatever chris and i ate for dinner would be thrown into the food processor and fed to cohen for dinner too. the first meal we fed him was roasted brussel sprouts and mustard crusted pork loin. it kind of makes me laugh to think this was his first meal, but hey it's what chris and i were having for dinner and i was sticking to my guns.  as i hesitently fed him his first spoonful, i waited in anticipation for a reaction but nothing happened. cohen was a champ.  without blinking an eye, he gulped down every last bite of that meal, and has continued to gulp down every bite since.  there has not been a single food we've fed cohen that he has yet to eat.  no joke.  we've even gone so far as feeding him capers, lemons, grapefruit, plain yogurt, and green olives, just to test him a bit (and because we are horrible parents and wanted to see if he would make an america's funniest home videos style face) but no. nada. nothing.

he may not look anything like me physically (duh, he is an exact replica of chris), but i know one thing is for sure, cohen inherited my affinity for food.  here's what he eats.
mango. fresh mozzarella. thai ground pork salad (recipe).

spicy beef, barley and vegetable soup.

fresh mozzarella, tomato, raw garlic and basil salad. {and not pictured because he ate it before i snapped the picture...lemon dill salmon burgers (recipe)}
annie's cheddar bunny mix and leftover beef with peppers (recipe)

and this is how i came to believe the if you eat a wide variety of foods while you are pregnant, your child won't be a picky eater wives tale.  happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Gosh..that is GREAT that he will eat just about anything!! How old was he when you tried him on the mustart pork loin and brussel sprouts? I've been wanting to try our girl out on what we're eating but not sure how long to wait..she's been eating solids for a few months now but has no teeth! She's a big blueberry fan and seems to be a little picky already when it comes to veggies! :-(

  2. I had never heard that but it totally makes sense:) I didn't eat eggs or chicken for eight months with miss k and she has a pretty low tolerance for them but she loves spicy food (like Kimchee spicy!!), all condiments, and could kill a tub of low-fat plain greek yogurt. How funny, I'll have to remember for the next one:)