deep thoughts.

i've been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  mostly, about the direction i want it to go.  for the past couple years, i've loved sitting down everyday to write a bit about our day to day happenings, what i'm wearing, or my latest creative endeavours.  it's been my little creative escape, a much needed break from nine to five number crunching and a husband in graduate school. that being said, i've begun to feel a bit different about this 'ol blog lately, and i'm not sure why? i'm not as excited or inspired to sit down and write posts as i once was. two weeks ago, i had grand plans of photographing our christmas tree, then posting some garland tutorials when i looked over at our baby boy and thought to myself, i'd much rather be playing with him than doing this; so, i stopped photographing and did just that. we sat on the floor, played with blocks and listened to raffi on pandora for the rest of the afternoon.  it was pure bliss. i find myself doing that a lot lately.  that being, thinking of a million different things i'd rather be and/or need to be doing than writing an uninspired post.  i'm thinking a lot of this has to do with feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment about our move, but i'm not exactly sure that's it either.  so, i'm going to take some time to think about what it is i want to do here.

until then, here are a few recent happenings.
sipping lattes at our new neighborhood spot and enjoying cool winter walks

basketball game with friends.

an ever inquisitive nine month old

cohen's new side kick

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. I totally can relate! I blogged last night literally about nothing....but I enjoy your posts, though with a cutie like yours it's understandable how to be pulled away! :)

  2. I can totally relate, Monica!! I've been so absent from my blog and despite many attempts at it, I'm having a tough time getting the inspiration to share...

  3. agreed with the previous two posts, I can totally relate. When I first started our blog I was so excited to blog (pre-kids) now with 'em I'd much rather get on the ground & play combine & tractors! :-) While I love your blog, I hope you find the balance your looking for. Love you!