diy. faux fur clutch.

i'm slightly obsessed with fur at the moment. a trend in which my husband rolls his eyes at.  he thinks fur is solely for those who live in russia or davy crockett type outdoorsmen who wear coonskin caps.  i beg to differ.  fur is a trend i fully embrace.  in fact, i find myself fur-i-fying everything lately.  like this lovely clutch i threw together while we were in indiana last month.
once again, i kinda cheated and went the store bought route again just like i did on my last diy anthropologie inspired clutch. hobby lobby has the cheapest clutches (this one was only $4.99), you can't make them yourself for the same price, so i save myself the time and buy them from the store.

what you need:
store bought clutch (here's the one i used), faux fur, scissors, heavy duty fabric glue

directions: put a thin layer of heavy duty fabric glue on the exterior surface of the flap. once glue is applied, place faux fur (you can cut the fur to size prior to gluing, or once the glue is dry) on top of the glue, pressing the fur in place. let dry.  once glue is dry, trim off any excess fur around the perimeter of the flap.  it's simple as that.

simple. easy. stylish. my three favorite craft words.   
happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Oh you just threw it together one day while on vacation? no big deal..... WHAT?! a) i love it! and b) you are talented!

  2. Love this!! And I love Hobby Lobby's clutches. I had never been to Hobby Lobby until we moved to Texas, and now, well, I couldn't live without it! Xo, Katie

  3. Where did you get those green jeans?? (Sorry, I'm just getting caught up... it's been a crazy year so far)