deep thoughts continued.

after my last post, i'm starting to think it's not this blog that's making me crazy...it's our life. more specifically where we are in our life at the moment.  there is so much to think about, figure out, and settle out it's making my head spin.  here's an abbreviated list of the hysteria.

one. we've put our little bungalow, that we've really grown to love, on the market.  there was a period of time when we considered renting it out, but came to the realization we aren't ready to be landlords any time soon. so for now we are in operation keep the house clean mode. for all of you who have sold a home you know first hand the joys of trying to keep the house in "showing form".  really, this isn't a huge issue, as chris and i are fairly tidy people, it's just kind of time consuming. dishes can't be left in the sink, clothes can't be left in the hamper, toys need to be picked up nightly, etc. 

two. in addition to selling our home, we've had difficulties finding our temporary home in iowa city.  we've called hotels, who want to charge us $3500 a month (this is iowa people, not new york city), apartments who refuse to let us sign short term leases, and of the two month-to-month places we've found; one doesn't allow dogs, and the other looked like a straight up crack house (no joke).

three. continuing on the housing theme...we found a house we like in a tiny town east of iowa city.  it's really a dream house for chris and i, with one huge exception: it needs A LOT of work.  updated electrical, new drywall on the entire second floor and bonus room,  central air and gobs of cosmetic work.  i'm super excited about all the possibilities, but also nervous about cost to fix everything.  we've been calling every contractor, electrician, and hvac company in central iowa for the past couple days to try and get a feel for what we could be getting ourselves into.

four. applying for jobs, while trying to finish (and train my replacement) at my current position, is a heck of a lot of work.  for nearly my entire professional life, i've taken jobs that aren't exactly what i want to do, just so chris and i will have income/health care/etc while he's been in school. we've bounced around from place to place as he was completing his degree, so i was fine with taking a job i wasn't exactly thrilled with knowing it would be a short term commitment.  but now that we're trying to plant roots somewhere, i'd love to find something that makes me wake up in the morning excited to go to work.  i realize this is a difficult thing to find, but as a working mama, i dream of finding something challenging, but also that sets a good example for our children.  like my working mom did for me.  i remember growing up thinking to myself, "wow. i want to be just like my mom when i grow up." she was, and still is the most incredible woman i know.  she's incredibly successful,  travelled all over the country watching me chase my adolescent dream of being a college athlete, she cooked, cleaned, told quirky stories, is still the most talented person i've ever seen when it comes to conflict resolution (no joke. she can resolve any and every struggle known to man), and she enjoyed life along the way. she's pretty great.

five. deciding to live apart makes me sad! really sad. rather than move to iowa city, and bounce around from place to place, chris and i thought it would be best for cohen and i to stay behind in our house while it's on the market, and while chris tries to secure a place for us.  it was a hard decision to make, but we both know it's the right thing to do. living two hours apart won't be fun for either of us, but we're hoping things will get settled quickly so cohen and i can join chris in our new place as soon as possible.

other things we've got going on before chris moves: a house showing tomorrow, our moving company comes later this week to walk through their plan (thankfully chris' company moves us...one less thing to figure out), interviewing childcare for cohen, my own job interviews, doctor's appointments, moving chris to iowa city, lots trips back and forth to iowa city, and much. much. m.u.c.h more.

uggh. i know this entire post seems like such a buzz kill (for lack of a better analogy), but i promise we are super excited to make this move. i've dreamed of this day for a long time.  for chris to be done with school, take a job he's worked so hard for, and for finding a city we can actually see ourselves living in for longer than two years. i keep reminding myself that the end result is worth this whole process.  i'm sure these next two months (or three, or four...) will be gone before we know it, and we'll be settling in nicely to our future home.  i can't wait.

thanks for reading my picture-less little rant.  you guys are great and i promise to be back (without little rants) soon.  happy wednesday {monica}


  1. you've got such a busy time ahead! No wonder you're feeling a little frazzled!

    By the sound of it, it's all going to sort itself out soon :) x

  2. That's a lot to handle. No wonder you feel like you are going crazy. It might be a tough, difficult period but it will all be worth it once you settle in an adjust. Things will get better! Good luck.

  3. So excited for you guys to finally get started on your future! :)
    Hope everything goes smoothly for ya.

  4. Moving is crazy, but usually worth the hassle and difficulties in the end. Hope you're able to stay inspired and relaxed during the whole process, and congrats to you guys for moving into the "settled down" phase! I'm looking forward to it myself... XO, Katie

  5. So I know I'm a little late to this party... but I definitely understand where you're at there! we're kind of at the same place, but like 1 step behind (and baby-less, which I know def. makes things a lot easier!)

    I hope you guys figure everything out!! Good luck :)