attention creative people! I NEED YOUR HELP!

the time has come to start planning a little mister's first birthday party.  the fact that i'm even writing first birthday party really freaks me out a bit (what happened to my baby?), but that's beside the point.  anyways, this is why i need your help.  i really want the theme, and i use the the word theme lightly, to be "anchors and fish". random i know, but i'm kind of obsessed with them both at the moment.  plus, my parent's beach house is one of our favorite places on earth and we wanted to honor our love for the ocean in one way or another.  my problem?  finding non-cheesy, non-gaudy, non-tchotchke anchor things. to give you an idea of what i'm thinking here are a couple of things i'm going to try to recreate (most we're found via pinterest).
i plan on making a few of these as a gift for the birthday boy {via}
i thought it would be fun for everyone at the party to make driftwood fish for themselves and for cohen.  my folks will be flying out from the northwest for the party, and they'll be bringing the driftwood from their beach house.  love them.

{on a side note can i please just take a minute to tell you how much i love the website made by joel.  these first two projects were his creations, and he has tons of other great diy's and projects i'd love to take on in the future.  if you haven't visited his website, you must go there when you have the time!}

i've been collecting lots of nautical fabric since before cohen was born, so i plan on making a pretty fabric garland of some kind.  i really like the drama of this one and hope to recreate something like it for the party.
i've loved these watercolor cups for a while now and have been waiting for the perfect event to try the out myself. cohen's party might just be the time?  i love how the blue ones look like the ocean.
here are the only two things i've purchased for the party so far.  i bought these two nautical numbers for the birthday boy at old navy last month since they were on clearance.  the cardigan has anchors on the side and i really wish it came in my size!

so there you have it.  those are my ideas!  now i need yours. i need help with cake ideas, food, and anything else you can think of really! please send links to my email (homemadebymonica@gmail.com) or leave them in your comments below....any help would be much appreciated!  thanks faithful readers.  happy monday{monica}

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  1. We handed out goldfish crackers for favors at Piper's party. They weren't full of sugar like most party favors and who doesn't love goldfish? And Piper didnt mind eating the leftovers. - crystal