winter diys.

i've been on the prowl for some cozy winter diys. the kind of things that will make me want to curl up on the couch and snuggle with my guys with a warm cup o'somethin (preferably a latte) in hand.  here are a few projects which fit just those criteria.

for those cold nights when you need an extra layer of warmth, leg warmers made from old sweaters (via)

for your fingers, cashmere mittens (pattern here)

for that warm cup o'somethin, a hand painted mug (tutorial here)

for the tights i can't seem to stop wearing (via)

now, all i have to do is find the time to try some of these out.  i can guarantee that it won't be this week or the next. chris is in his final week of grad school guys.  can you believe it?  i'm over the moon excited to have my husband back again.  this week will be ridiculously crazy for him, leaving me and little man to fend for ourselves.  then next week we have a whole 9 days (yes, i said nine) of family vacation.  i could cry with joy i'm so happy.  if my posts are few and far between the next couple weeks this is the reason. 

oh, and i finally caved and joined pinterest, which is where i found all of these lovely ideas.  follow me here if you'd like.

happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. i need those leg warmer sweater things!!!!!! SO COZY!

  2. hey, I know how to make those tights - just kneel in some paint!