pictures from the road.

{from the top-a normal taylor family car ride: mama drives while the boys sleep, the cutest knuckle dimples on earth, digg the champion road trip lap dog, bug at the base of the st. louis arch, bundled up family shots with the arch, beautiful midwest cities, carousel ride}

well hello there. we are back from a lovely nine days on the road.  we were spoiled rotten by family, visited beautiful cities, chris and i snuck off on as many dates as we could, and ate enough southern food to make my pants feel a bit snug.  this trip was just what we needed to gear up for all the changes we have ahead of us.  i will update you all on life and changes to come when i am able to sit down and type more than ten sentences.  until then i have lots of look of the day posts and a couple diys scheduled, so stay tuned for those.  happy monday! {monica}

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  1. My comments (from top to bottom):
    I love that picture with Chris just passed out in the back! For some reason I think it is so funny!
    I want a tiny baby to hold hands with me.
    Your dog is sooooo cute!
    You look skinny and stylish in that pick of cohen on the ground.
    I love merry go rounds. They are magic.

    Can't wait to hear your big news!!