it's hard to believe we have a nine month old.  it's even harder to believe we have a three-quarters of the way to one year old.  this little guy has been a complete joy for each and every day of his entire life.  although nine months had some really scary moments, it also had some pretty darn amazing moments we will never forget.  at the top of that list would be the fact that cohen has started to take steps.  without showing even a single stitch of fear, he is has taken on walking with reckless abandonment.  it's been hard for me to find the balance between letting him test his limits and wanting to wrap him from head to toe in bubble wrap, but we are figuring this walking thing out.

{video i took of his first steps last week.  i'm so glad i was able to capture this moment so chris could see this milestone for himself when he got home from school. he was one happy daddy}

besides walking he is really becoming aware of his body: he's learning to wave, clap, and climb. he loves books.  in fact, i swear he can say the word book (okay, it sounds more like "ouk"), but he says it every time he grabs a book.  he still loves food, following us around the house, and new places. 

happy nine months baby bug.  love you to pieces.
happy tuesday! {monica}

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  1. so precious! i hear that time flies once you have kids (probably because you can see all the changes)