diy: anthropologie inspired clutch.

when i saw this clutch a couple months ago at anthropologie i knew i wanted to try to recreate a similar clutch on my own. i kinda cheated on this one because i bought a store made clutch, but hey, a girl can cheat every once in a while right?  it was just $3.99, had this super cute leopard lining, and i knew i wouldn't sew it on my own for that price, so i had to buy it. 

to make this clutch you will need.
a store bought clutch (mine found here), vivid orange paint (here), a paint brush, painters tape

once you have the supplies, it's super easy.  all you have to do is wrap the painters tape around the clutch on both sides of the stripe.  the stripe i made was 4" wide, but feel free to make it as wide as you like.  once the tape is set, apply a thin layer of paint to the clutch in between the taped lines. you will have to do this step in stages, letting the paint dry on each side before painting the next.  once the paint is applied and dry, remove the tape and enjoy.  it's easy as that.

i love pops of bright color in the dreary winter months, and this clutch is perfect for that.  you know what it's also perfect for?  a last minute christmas gift.  happy wednesday! {monica}

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