thrifing finds: am i sensing a trend here?

for some odd reason i can't stop buying native american-esuque clothing? maybe it's my native american roots calling? don't let this blonde hair fool you, there is blackfoot indian inside this lady. whatever it is, i keep finding little native american prints/bags on my thrift store excursions.

from top to bottom {christopher & banks sweater (seen here)-$2.99, men's sweater-$1.99, montgomery ward vest-.$1.99, abercrombie bag-.99 cents, leather shoulder bag-.99c cents}

what are you finding at thrift stores these days? it's officially november, which means winter is right around the corner, so i hope you are finding lots of warm and cozy things.
happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. that first sweater and those bags... if i lived closer i might have to steal them. wow, you found some great things! i love native american type patterns but i don't know that i've ever found any in my thrifting trips.

  2. I love that last bag! And lately I've been finding a lot of furniture and glassware and thrift stores : )

  3. Do you shop local thrift shops or chain thrift stores (Value Village, etc)? I need to find some good local shops. Value Village has been pretty good but I want the $1.99 finds:) And I need to get off my tush and go garage saling. It's just not that easy with a very mobile and opinionated almost 3 year old:) Love all your finds!

  4. besides garage sales, my favorite is salvation army. every friday they have a special. some days it's 50% off clothes, other days it's $1.99 clothes, they also do buy one get one deals too. so check into that.

    garage sales are much better for kids clothing than adult clothing. i rarely find anything for me at garage sales.