ombre pretzels.

i realize making chocolate covered pretzels is neither crafting nor all that difficult, but it was something i really wanted to test out this fall so i included it in my autumn craft goals anyway (it's my blog, so i can make the rules, right?).  in an effort to make my first batch of pretzels a bit more special than the usual white, i knew i wanted to add a bit of color in some way.  using my beloved new wilton food coloring set (yes, i said beloved), i decided on ombre pretzels...graduating the colors from light to dark.

starting with a big bowl of melted white chocolate, i would add a bit more food coloring every 20 pretzels or so. the white chocolate started with a light pinkish-peach and ended with a lovely shade of purple.

in the end we were left with a big bowl of beautiful pretzels almost to pretty to eat. almost.

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. ooo how creative! i never would have thought about doing that with food coloring sets and chocolate covered pretzels! totally doing this for christmas! eeps!

    thanks for sharing

  2. Monica...this is 100% AWESOME. I'm all about it...they're beautiful and they look delicious, which (in my book) are good traits for any snack! Xo, Katie