look of the day. plaid at sunset

confessions II
one. this is what i wore on our road trip friday evening. i wasn't exactly planning to do a look of the day post, but the sunset was so beautiful, i made chris stop and snap some photos. what you can't see is the fact that it was 30 degrees and windy (hence my massive goosebumps in the last shot).
two. if you are a new follower, i promise i have other shoes besides these boots.  think i've worn them almost every day since chris bought them, i am obsessed.
three. today is our anniversary.  in four short years we've bought two homes, survived grad school, moved 2000 miles from everything familiar, taken too many road trips to count, and created the most amazing little boy on planet earth. we make a pretty great team babe. i love you.

{top-birthday gift, leggings-target, boots-birthday gift, bracelets-homemade}

tonight we will be celebrating our anniversary our favorite way.. take-out by candlelight, homemade cards, and snuggling with the greatest 7 month old we know.

happy thurday! {monica}

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  1. I pretty much alternate between two pairs of shoes through fall and winter... nothing wrong with that! Happy anniversary! I can't believe you guys have only been married for four years because it totally seems like you've packed soooo much into that short time.