look of the day. outhouse art?

meet my grandpa's outhouse. it sits at the south entrance of his large property and for years the bikers, hikers, cross-country skiers, and fisherman have used this entrance as it has easy lake access. as far as outhouses go, it's a pretty fancy one. two summers ago we painted it barn red and white, this summer he is adding a porch with benches for people to rest, my grandma puts fresh flowers inside on occasion, but next summer he has another grand plan...he's asked me to create a piece of art for the structure. a welcome piece for all to enjoy.  sounds kinda strange i know, but my grandpa has a strange sense of humor.  all he mentioned was he wants it to have a forest theme???

so i ask you this...what type of art does this barn red outhouse need?

{pants-gap, top-tj maxx, cardigan-gift, necklace-f21, boots-gift}

on a completely unrelated side note: how awesome is this poodle cardigan chris found for me? every time i wear it i think of my two little pups and grin from ear to ear.

have a great day and don't forget to send your outhouse art ideas my way.
happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. first, that cardigan and necklace are maybe some of the best ever!

    second, i'm stumped on outhouse art! i can't say that's something i've ever thought of before!

  2. This gave me the biggest smile giggle...I'm so glad I got to meet your Gramps and Grams! Your gramps is one-of-a-kind...and it's awesome!

    Forest theme? How 'bout some kinda natural stick project? Or an interpretation of Robin Hood's forest?