look of the day. fall shorts

i was feeling pretty great about this outfit when i wore it, but when i look at these pictures, i realize the proportions are really wrong on top.  from the shorts down, i'm happy, but this top is another story.  i really dislike how the shoulders are way too wide, and the sleeve doesn't start until 1/2 way down my bicep. it kinda makes me look like i have line backer shoulders. does this ever happen to you guys?  ever wear something you feel great in, but then realize you don't look as great as you feel? uggh, i hate it when this happens.
{top-gift, necklace-f21, shorts-gap, tights-target, boots-gift, wedding ring-custom made by a friend}

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. Well you still look gorgeous, and at least you know that you don't like this exact outfit for the future. : ) That said, you still look great and I love those shorts! Shorts + tights are my favorite.

  2. That happened to me recently too! I think you look cute and little though. Not linebacker ish. Hahahaha!

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