look of the day. blue jeans.

when i met chris six-ish years ago he was finishing up his degree at oregon state. after his bachelor's degree he decided to go on to grad school, then after grad school he decided go on to more grad school (are you sensing a trend here?). although this last term has been his most difficult, i've never seen anyone love school like he does. he truly loves to learn. it's going to be strange when it's all done. for the entirety of our relationship, there has always been a school schedule to juggle.

last week, chris met with his advisor who told him he's officially been approved for graduation in december. 30 days from now chris will be done with school. final project presented, degree in hand, and homework free forever. i know i'm biased...but i'm pretty sure his graduation should be a national holiday. i'm ready to have my husband all to myself (ok, i'll share him with cohen too) without any distractions. i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 

me {button up/jeans-target, cardigan/ring/belt-thrifted, boots-gift}

happy thursday! {monica}


  1. Chris graduating IS a big deal. Hope you guys get to celebrate big as well! :-)

  2. Are you sure he's done?? I'll give him 6 months before he's bored again! Miss your cuteness over here in Oregon!