mini-chris (it's scary how much they look alike isn't it?) is officially eight months old.  i can't believe it my baby boy is only 4 months away from turning one. it seems like just yesterday i was walking into the hospital breathing through contractions (birth story here).
eight months is my favorite age so far. he's completely full of personality these days. he loves noises, in fact i'm shocked how well he does in noisy places. he really loves people too, i don't think there is a person he's met that he doesn't like.  we've been waiting for him to show signs of separation anxiety, but he's yet to show any signs remotely close to it. don't get me wrong, he loves chris and i, and smiles from ear to ear every time he sees us, but he really seems to thrive in the hustle and bustle of social gatherings. the funniest thing about this age is his babbling.  oh my gosh, i get side aches laughing at his noises. he is constantly trying to copy what chris and i say.  we say hi, he says huh. it's too cute.

he's also extremely mobile now.  he climbs on everything and isn't afraid of anything, in fact, if he tries to climb something and falls, he gets right back up and tries it again.  it scares me to death.  he is 100% boy for sure.

his stats
weight-21lbs, i was really worried his lack of weight gain when we took him in last week for his cold, but the doctor assured me this was normal due to how active and mobile he is now.
teeth-seven, almost doubling his tooth count from last month. holy cow.
favorite things-people, trying to walk, being tickled, forts, playing tug of war with our dog bolt, giving himself kisses in the mirror and all types of food.
least favorite things-being sick (poor guy was sick for two weeks), having his nose wiped, the word "no",  and sleeping on his back.
words-getting really close to saying hi consistently

happy eight months baby bug.  we love you to pieces!
happy wednesday! {monica}

oh, and the hoodie cohen's wearing was one of my autumn craft goals.  you can't really see the details in this photo, but the blue spikes were hand stitched with orange embroidery thread, and made from reptile print felt. go here for the super simple (and fun) tutorial.


  1. Seriously Can't believe that the boys are 8 months. Like you siad it seems like yesterday we gave birth!! I can't find a contact button or anything for ya but I am participating in a book exchange for the kiddos and was wondering if you would be interested in doing it to! All you do is send 1 book out and send the letter onto 6 people and your child will eventually get 36 books! Email me at ashlee.storyofus@gmail.com for more info! :)

  2. I don't have a child but I do agree that 8-9 months is such a fun age. I really like Cohen's dinosaur hoodie.

    And like you said, it is "scary" how much he looks like Chris. Okay, it's not "scary" at all, I am just quoting your words. Cohen is adorable!