diy: puff painted ball jars

it's safe to say i have approximately fifty bazillion ball jars, this is only a rough estimate, no data has been officially collected. and because we have ball jars coming out of our ears, i'm always trying to think up easy ways to spruce them up a bit. so one night i was sitting around watching troop beverly hills, which on a completely unrelated side note is pretty much the greatest movie ever, when i decided give puff paint a try.

after they dried, i added some tea lights and voila...instant candle holders.  not bad for a random, spur of the moment idea.  they look really pretty at night twinkling on our mantle.

happy wednesday! {monica}

1 comment:

  1. 1. YES Troop Bev Hills all the way!
    2. Cuuuuute idea :]