diy: puff painted ball jars

it's safe to say i have approximately fifty bazillion ball jars, this is only a rough estimate, no data has been officially collected. and because we have ball jars coming out of our ears, i'm always trying to think up easy ways to spruce them up a bit. so one night i was sitting around watching troop beverly hills, which on a completely unrelated side note is pretty much the greatest movie ever, when i decided give puff paint a try.

after they dried, i added some tea lights and voila...instant candle holders.  not bad for a random, spur of the moment idea.  they look really pretty at night twinkling on our mantle.

happy wednesday! {monica}


look of the day. hot pants

{pants/top/necklace-target, jacket-gap, shoes-payless, poodle in desperate need of a haircut-heartland humane society}

remember this post? the one where i showed six outfits i wanted to copy?  well this is my take on molly's look. i was able to stay pretty close to her look on the bottom, but it's way too cold here to go jacketless, so i added a jacket to keep cozy and warm.  i'm really loving colored pants as of late. blue, grey, turquoise, i just can't get enough...so please bear with me while i go through this phase.  this definitely won't be the last colored pants post you see.

happy tuesday! {monica}


thanksgiving for three.

chris, cohen and i spent thanksgiving alone this year. just the three of us. i worked a bit friday, since i'll be taking nine days off in a couple weeks (more on this later) i needed to get some things done in preparation for our trip. so rather than drive seven hours (round trip) with an eight month old for a family meal, we decided to stay home and have cohen's first thanksgiving together. i was kind of sad about staying home by ourselves, so i came up with a few fun things for us to do while we celebrated, and you know what? it turned out to be one of my favorite thanksgivings so far. funny how that works?

we wore feather headbands

made a last minute table setting, that turned out pretty darn cute. we used ball jars, sticks with yarn pom poms, and pumpkins we had around the house.

of course we ate way too much food.  i didn't want to omit any of our favorite dishes just because there were only three of us, so i went all out. we had roasted turkey breasts, green bean casserole, stuffing, roasted butternut squash, cranberry chutney, sauteed brussel sprouts, and pumpkin pie.

we made a thankful jar.
but, the thing i will remember most about this thanksgiving, is the fact that a little someone decided thanksgiving would be a great time to take his first step. i was too busy completely freaking about the fact that cohen took a step to even contemplate taking a picture, so i'm glad chris was the sane one in our relationship and snapped this picture. at 8 months and 11 days our baby boy took his first step.  i'm still in awe of the whole thing.

as a working mom, one of the things i was most worried about was missing out on all of his "firsts". so watching him take his first step, was a bit more emotional than it probably should have been, but i couldn't help but be overly joyful when i witnessed his little leg take that first step.  it's something i will forever be thankful for. 
we also napped, took a long walk, watched hilarious thanksgiving episodes from friends, watched a bit of football, and sat in awe of our ever changing little boy. hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, i know we sure did.

happy monday! {monica}


on bread.

weekend lunch
toasted french bread, shaved turkey, dill havarti, avocado, red bell pepper

have a great thanksgiving everyone. make sure to stop, look around, and recognize all the things you are thankful for. this will be our first thanksgiving as a family of three, and i'm incredibly thankful for that.  i'll be back monday to tell you how we celebrated.

happy wednesday! {monica}


wrinkles and thoughts.

oh, lovely wrinkles around my eyes, where did you come from? you appeared somehow overnight, and i don't feel quite prepared for your arrival. in fact, i don't feel prepared at all. i mean really, wrinkles? i'm too young for wrinkles. right? you are forcing me to relive my father's words as he pointed to his own wrinkles, "you just wait until you have children. you'll see! when you have children, wrinkles come out of nowhere."
his words have now seemingly come back to haunt me. 

cohen is quite possibly the greatest thing on earth. he's seems filled to the brim with an abundance of joy and the carefree spirit i prayed he would have.  though my love for him is never ending, i find myself both consciously and subconsciously worrying about every little bit of his existence.
okay, first time mothers (or anyone else with sound advice), please tell me... is this normal?  is it normal to obsess about your child's well being day and night? is it normal wonder if you are doing the right thing? raising them in the right way? and setting a good example? sometimes, i feel like i'm the only one who feels this way.

and for all you beauty experts...i need wrinkle cream advice.

happy tuesday! {monica}



mini-chris (it's scary how much they look alike isn't it?) is officially eight months old.  i can't believe it my baby boy is only 4 months away from turning one. it seems like just yesterday i was walking into the hospital breathing through contractions (birth story here).
eight months is my favorite age so far. he's completely full of personality these days. he loves noises, in fact i'm shocked how well he does in noisy places. he really loves people too, i don't think there is a person he's met that he doesn't like.  we've been waiting for him to show signs of separation anxiety, but he's yet to show any signs remotely close to it. don't get me wrong, he loves chris and i, and smiles from ear to ear every time he sees us, but he really seems to thrive in the hustle and bustle of social gatherings. the funniest thing about this age is his babbling.  oh my gosh, i get side aches laughing at his noises. he is constantly trying to copy what chris and i say.  we say hi, he says huh. it's too cute.

he's also extremely mobile now.  he climbs on everything and isn't afraid of anything, in fact, if he tries to climb something and falls, he gets right back up and tries it again.  it scares me to death.  he is 100% boy for sure.

his stats
weight-21lbs, i was really worried his lack of weight gain when we took him in last week for his cold, but the doctor assured me this was normal due to how active and mobile he is now.
teeth-seven, almost doubling his tooth count from last month. holy cow.
favorite things-people, trying to walk, being tickled, forts, playing tug of war with our dog bolt, giving himself kisses in the mirror and all types of food.
least favorite things-being sick (poor guy was sick for two weeks), having his nose wiped, the word "no",  and sleeping on his back.
words-getting really close to saying hi consistently

happy eight months baby bug.  we love you to pieces!
happy wednesday! {monica}

oh, and the hoodie cohen's wearing was one of my autumn craft goals.  you can't really see the details in this photo, but the blue spikes were hand stitched with orange embroidery thread, and made from reptile print felt. go here for the super simple (and fun) tutorial.


look of the day. wedding black

when i get dressed up for events, i tend to dress against the norm. i wouldn't say it's a conscious effort to dress this way, but some how it just happens. for example: this is what i wore to kerry and rebekah's wedding over the weekend. while most people at the event wore bright, beautiful, cheery colors, i wore lots of black, neon yellow, and leopard with biker-esque boots. probably not the first thing you think of when you think wedding, right?
{boots-gift, tights/skirt/necklace-target, yellow tee-gap, black top-tj maxx, belt-f21, cardigan/bangles-gift}

and because he looked so darn cute, here is what cohen wore.
{socks-trumpette, everything else-thrifted/garage sales}

happy tuesday! {monica}


wedding weekend.

for months now i've been mentioning all the little projects (here and here) i've been helping with for my friend rebekah's wedding, and this weekend it was fun to see every one's hard work all put together. rebekah and kerry's wedding could not have turned out more beautiful, i hope it was everything she dreamed of.

here are some snippets of the final preparations, little details, and everything else i could snap on my camera phone.  enjoy.
julia and i (and kristin who's snapping the picture) had a last minute, late night boutonniere making session. for our first time making boutonnieres i think they turned out pretty great, and the best part about working late at night is that we got to wear our pajamas while crafting.
left. their gift (i love love love how the gift wrap turned out.  normally, i'm strictly a brown paper wrapping kind of gal, but i loved this vintage looking wrapping paper i found a few years ago) right. the desserts i made for the wedding..ball jars filled with strawberry shortcake and vintage fabric bows. super simple.

by far the prettiest part of the wedding (besides rebekah) was the ceiling.  it took 20 people to cut out all of the pennants, and hours upon hours of sewing. the ceiling was stunning.
left. the centerpieces(handmade pinwheels, terrariums, yarn wrapped jars). right. bekah and cohen

she was stunning.

other details not pictured.
+ a giant table of board games for guests to play after dinner
+ paper straws to sip strawberry lemonade
+ kerry pouncing on rebekah for their first kiss.  it was pretty darn cute.

hope everyone had a great weekend.
happy monday! {monica}


on bread.

toasted french bread, homemade pesto, and fried egg.
(with a big cup of stumptown coffee on the side)

have a great weekend friends. ours will be spent helping with a friend's wedding, working on a logo design project (me), working on a final grad project (chris), and hopefully crafting a bit. yay.

happy friday! {monica}


look of the day. blue jeans.

when i met chris six-ish years ago he was finishing up his degree at oregon state. after his bachelor's degree he decided to go on to grad school, then after grad school he decided go on to more grad school (are you sensing a trend here?). although this last term has been his most difficult, i've never seen anyone love school like he does. he truly loves to learn. it's going to be strange when it's all done. for the entirety of our relationship, there has always been a school schedule to juggle.

last week, chris met with his advisor who told him he's officially been approved for graduation in december. 30 days from now chris will be done with school. final project presented, degree in hand, and homework free forever. i know i'm biased...but i'm pretty sure his graduation should be a national holiday. i'm ready to have my husband all to myself (ok, i'll share him with cohen too) without any distractions. i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 

me {button up/jeans-target, cardigan/ring/belt-thrifted, boots-gift}

happy thursday! {monica}


look of the day. fall shorts

i was feeling pretty great about this outfit when i wore it, but when i look at these pictures, i realize the proportions are really wrong on top.  from the shorts down, i'm happy, but this top is another story.  i really dislike how the shoulders are way too wide, and the sleeve doesn't start until 1/2 way down my bicep. it kinda makes me look like i have line backer shoulders. does this ever happen to you guys?  ever wear something you feel great in, but then realize you don't look as great as you feel? uggh, i hate it when this happens.
{top-gift, necklace-f21, shorts-gap, tights-target, boots-gift, wedding ring-custom made by a friend}

happy wednesday! {monica}


look of the day. outhouse art?

meet my grandpa's outhouse. it sits at the south entrance of his large property and for years the bikers, hikers, cross-country skiers, and fisherman have used this entrance as it has easy lake access. as far as outhouses go, it's a pretty fancy one. two summers ago we painted it barn red and white, this summer he is adding a porch with benches for people to rest, my grandma puts fresh flowers inside on occasion, but next summer he has another grand plan...he's asked me to create a piece of art for the structure. a welcome piece for all to enjoy.  sounds kinda strange i know, but my grandpa has a strange sense of humor.  all he mentioned was he wants it to have a forest theme???

so i ask you this...what type of art does this barn red outhouse need?

{pants-gap, top-tj maxx, cardigan-gift, necklace-f21, boots-gift}

on a completely unrelated side note: how awesome is this poodle cardigan chris found for me? every time i wear it i think of my two little pups and grin from ear to ear.

have a great day and don't forget to send your outhouse art ideas my way.
happy tuesday! {monica}


fourth anniversary snippets.

take-out from our favorite place

homemade cards with lovely words

candlelit dinner for two

have a wonderful weekend.
happy friday! {monica}


look of the day. plaid at sunset

confessions II
one. this is what i wore on our road trip friday evening. i wasn't exactly planning to do a look of the day post, but the sunset was so beautiful, i made chris stop and snap some photos. what you can't see is the fact that it was 30 degrees and windy (hence my massive goosebumps in the last shot).
two. if you are a new follower, i promise i have other shoes besides these boots.  think i've worn them almost every day since chris bought them, i am obsessed.
three. today is our anniversary.  in four short years we've bought two homes, survived grad school, moved 2000 miles from everything familiar, taken too many road trips to count, and created the most amazing little boy on planet earth. we make a pretty great team babe. i love you.

{top-birthday gift, leggings-target, boots-birthday gift, bracelets-homemade}

tonight we will be celebrating our anniversary our favorite way.. take-out by candlelight, homemade cards, and snuggling with the greatest 7 month old we know.

happy thurday! {monica}


ombre pretzels.

i realize making chocolate covered pretzels is neither crafting nor all that difficult, but it was something i really wanted to test out this fall so i included it in my autumn craft goals anyway (it's my blog, so i can make the rules, right?).  in an effort to make my first batch of pretzels a bit more special than the usual white, i knew i wanted to add a bit of color in some way.  using my beloved new wilton food coloring set (yes, i said beloved), i decided on ombre pretzels...graduating the colors from light to dark.

starting with a big bowl of melted white chocolate, i would add a bit more food coloring every 20 pretzels or so. the white chocolate started with a light pinkish-peach and ended with a lovely shade of purple.

in the end we were left with a big bowl of beautiful pretzels almost to pretty to eat. almost.

happy wednesday! {monica}


thrifing finds: am i sensing a trend here?

for some odd reason i can't stop buying native american-esuque clothing? maybe it's my native american roots calling? don't let this blonde hair fool you, there is blackfoot indian inside this lady. whatever it is, i keep finding little native american prints/bags on my thrift store excursions.

from top to bottom {christopher & banks sweater (seen here)-$2.99, men's sweater-$1.99, montgomery ward vest-.$1.99, abercrombie bag-.99 cents, leather shoulder bag-.99c cents}

what are you finding at thrift stores these days? it's officially november, which means winter is right around the corner, so i hope you are finding lots of warm and cozy things.
happy tuesday! {monica}