thrifting finds. designer baby clothes

i've been mentioning for weeks now that i would share some of the awesome designer children's clothing we have picked up at thrift stores/garage sales recently, and i'm finally getting around to sharing our great finds with you.  as i said, in this post, chris and i are avid thrift store junkies when it comes to clothing. especially when it comes to children's clothing, because we have realized quickly that kids go through clothing very quickly. whether it's making a mess on clothes or just plain growing out of them, believe me when i say...you don't need brand new designer clothing for your kids. don't get me wrong, we occasionally buy new, but normally it's because it's on clearance {wow, that makes us sound cheap, but it's true}.
i think i would be more tempted to buy new clothes, if i didn't now all the great deals you can find if you take the little bit of extra time to hit a garage sale instead of the mall.  you wouldn't believe what you can find at thrift stores/garage sales if you peruse what they have to offer.  no seriously. we have saved hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars shopping second hand.  don't believe me? here a few highlights from our recent finds, you may be surprised by how much we really did save.
left-emu children's size 4 boots we purchased for $1.99
{couldn't find a similar style online but here is a cute pair for  $49}
 right-red salt water sandals children's size 6 we purchased for $2.99. 
{found here for $31.95}
left - children's size 6 gap sleepwear we purchased for .50 cents
{similar pair found here for $24.95}
center - 2 pairs of gap herringbone pants we purchased for .50 cents each
{similar pair found here for $17.99}
2 striped tops we purchased for .25 cents each
{similar sweater here for $41.60}
right-hanna andersson (which happens to be my absolute favorite children's clothing store) stripped long johns children's size 6 we purchased for .25 cents
{similar set here for $28}
left - gap sweater size 24 months we purchased for $1.99
{similar sweater found here for $39.95}
right - ralph lauren vest size 18 months we purchased for .25 cents
{similar one found here for a whopping $85}

can you believe how much we saved? i know i didn't find exact replica's of everything but if my calculations are correct we saved roughly $325.00!! crazy isn't it?  

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. i can totally agree with going thrifting or to garage sales. i actually don't really go to garage sales or yard sales very often, but i basically spend half my time at thrift stores! i've gotten so many things made by gap, banana republic, forever 21, etc., still with the tags at a thrift store for just a few dollars. i don't think it makes you sound cheap at all, i just think it makes you sound smart!

  2. AH so cute! My mom always made us wear salt water sandals, and now it's a cherished memory and I hope to pass it along to my kids someday. And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I really needed the encouragement, so thank you.

  3. Thrifting is definitely the way to go! I have a designed jean addiction and have seven pairs, all bought for between $30-$45 rather than their original $150-$200 price tag. Such a good feeling! And it's great that you can find stuff for so cheap for Cohen since he'll be outgrowing things in no time! All great finds!

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