when it comes to documenting cohen's monthly milestones, i have failed majorly. if keeping track of his milestones were a class assignment, the teacher would have got out her/his giant rubber stamp and placed a big fat "f" on the top of my mom card right around month four. it's not that i don't notice his monumental transformations or day to day happenings, it's just i forget to write down when they happen. i vow right here and right now to get better at this.

these photos are a perfect representative of cohen at the seven month mark. he was a very early crawler {about five and a half months to be more exact}, but it wasn't until the seven month mark that he truly became increasingly mobile. like barricading the entire house mobile. like pulling himself up on everything mobile. like being able to get into the bathtub by himself mobile {which also happens to be the scariest thing ever}. around seven months he also became adorably inquisitive. when he gets his hand on a new bauble {like chris' mouse for his computer in the photos above} he looks over the "new toy" with evident inquisition. he tilts his head from side to side, flips it over, stretches out the cord, and then gives chris and i the, "what is this thing?" look.  it's the cutest.thing.ever.

here's all of his stats, facts, and things only my parents/sister/family will care to read:
height/weight: not sure, at his 6 month appointment he was 27"/20.8lbs.
teeth: four
favorite things: attention, his parents, anything on wheels, food, trying to feed himself, animal noises, watching someone blow bubbles with their gum, being tickled, and riding in the shopping cart.
talking: real words, no...baby words, lots
happy thursday! {monica}

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