puzzles, books, and poodles oh, my!

growing up, my mom kept everything my sister and i brought home. and by everything...i mean EVERYTHING! our drawings, paintings, sunday school projects, writing assignments, rocks, toys, clothes, etc. in fact, her hoarding has been a running joke in our family for years. well, a few months ago, my mom finally decided to begin purging some of these "collections," as she calls them.

so when chris and i ventured back to oregon this summer (pictures from our trip here and here), my mom had tons of old toys and books she wanted my sister and i to go through to see if there was anything we wanted to keep. reluctantly we started delving into the storage bins, preparing ourselves for having to sort through 900 million childhood "masterpieces", but what we found were boxes full of fantastic memories.  postcards from all the places we travelled, our collection of carebears (my grandma bought my sister and i carebears every year for christmas), our favorite books, hilarious stories we used to write, dolls, games, and so much more.  for the first time i was actually happy my mom kept everything.  my sister and i sat on the floor in my parents guest room for hours looking though everything, it was such a fun evening.

now that i'm a mom, i find myself collecting all of cohen's "firsts".  we have a box of things we've been "collecting" over his first year, and i'm sure we will continue to amass an ridiculously doting amount of storage bins in the years to come.  kinda like my mom did.  kinda like what i made fun of my mom for doing.

here are some of our favorite books and puzzles we have now passed down to cohen.  i love watching his eyes light up just as ours did 25ish years ago when he opens the pages of these classics.  we have a ton more stuff saved in the basement we will give him as he grows up, but for now these are perfect.

thanks mom for not listening to our constant jokes about all you saved.  as always you were right...and probably always will be. 
happy wednesday! {monica}

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