the sewing projects are almost done.

remember my sewing to-do list for the past couple weekends?  well i am happy to say, i was able to get nearly ALL of it completed with the help of chris, who was on daddy duty for the past couple saturday's. while the boys were out grocery shopping, bonding and picking up odds and ends, i was home crossing off my to-do list (and drinking lots of coffee).

this is what my list looks like as of today...

-hem kaylee's jeans 
 -fix a broken zipper on tess' fleece
-finish pennants  for rebekah's wedding (didn't she choose pretty fabric?)

-make seam adjustments to 5 (now 6) thrift store dresses (more on this later)..(i didn't get them finished, but i did get them pinned and ready for the sewing machine).
-patch work on a couple cardigan holes/rips.
- finish burp cloths for baby showers.

all that's left to do is finish my thrift store dresses.  can i get an amen?

i finally feel like chris and i have been able to establish a bit of a weekend routine, leaving me some time for myself.  i know this may sound a bit selfish, but i am adamant about the fact that every mom needs "mama time"! being able to do something creative lets me unwind, rejuvenate, and recharge and makes a huge difference in my weekly outlook. this "mama time" makes me a better mom, wife, and person. it's funny how just a few minutes to myself really does make a difference.
what do you do do recharge yourself?

happy tuesday! {monica}

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