i'm gonna copy these looks

at times i feel like having this blog makes my closet look a bit limited, as i often find myself scouring our closet thinking i have nothing to wear.  because i chronicle what i wear on this little ol' blog (although i have been seriously slacking on look of the day posts), sometimes i feel pressure to never wear the same thing twice?!  is that weird?  maybe it is, but it's how i feel at times.  does anyone else feel this way? in no way am i blaming my blog for feeling this way, it is something i've always struggled with (blog or no blog). when i look at some of my favorite style blogs and realize, it's all a matter of perspective. given another person's perspective, i really do have things to wear, in fact, i have lots of things to wear. with a little inspiration from my fellow bloggers, the styles are endless.

take these looks for example.  i have all of these pieces; they may be different colors, cuts, or patterns, but i have them all.  in fact i think most all of us do.  i just would never think of styling them in these ways.
{via, via, via}
or these
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in fact, i love these so much i just may have to copy these (or steal) and make them my own.
what do you do to reinvent your wardrobe?  i'd love to hear advice and tips on making the most of what i have.

happy wednesday! {monica}


  1. I love getting inspiration from other bloggers! it's so much fun to "re-shop" my closet :)

  2. i love the outfits with the peach sweater and the green blouse!

    i know exactly how you feel. i'm always feeling like i don't have any clothes, but then i see stylish bloggers wearing things similar to what i have in my closet, and i realize i just need to have more imagination! i always love seeing your outfits!

  3. i do the same thing. i actually don't think i have great style because i mostly just copy other people's!