weekending. road trip to wisconsin

whew, what a great weekend! we travelled 800+ miles in 3 days and had the best time with our friends. rather than bore you with the tragic story of our poor beavers getting trampled by the badgers, the sentimental story about watching my baby boy (who will be six months tomorrow) crawl around on the field of dreams, or a repeated story about how crazy we are to jam so many things into every single trip we take...i'll just show you some snippets from the weekend.

all smiles before the beaver game
sites from milwaukee, what a beautiful city.
brewers game
early morning on the lake at my grandparent's cabin
madison, wi
little man at the field of dreams.
chris and his friend adam (who flew out for the game). 

happy monday! {monica}

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  1. looks like a fab time! The weather looks gorgeous there. And can I just say that you have some sexy legs?! Seriously woman. They are so muscular and lean looking in that first pic!