weekending. monster hat.

i cannot tell you how happy i am that it's monday!  don't get me wrong, i loved every second of having baby bug to myself for the past five days, but we really miss chris around these parts!  i mean REALLY miss him!

rather than wallowing in our sorrows, cohen and i did manage to get out and have a little fun on our own while daddy was playing on the east coast. we went on our usual morning coffee dates, did a bit of thrift store perusing (more on this later), made a big pot of my favorite soup ,  alex stopped by for a chat and to pick up a pair of kicks for a baby shower, oh, and cohen picked out his first accessory all by himself.  that's right, i'm teaching him young.  i held out a monster hat and a raccoon hat, and he went straight for the moster, it was the cutest thing.

and speaking of cute, how cute is he in his little hat?  he wore it all night long!

how was your weekend?
happy monday! {monica}

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  1. Cute hat! I have a crochet pattern very similar to that. I have a racoon pattern too:) They are so popular, I really need to get on the ball and make some to sell this season.