weekending. labor day sniffles.

i wish i could report all the fabulous things we did over our three day weekend, but sadly our weekend was anything but fabulous. we spent the majority of the weekend blowing our noses, sipping tea, coughing, sniffling, and every other nasty thing that comes with all three of us having a cold. it never fails, every single september when the seasons start to change our house gets hit with a nasty cold, and this year was no different.

on the bright side, we did manage to do some planning for my grandpa's 80 birthday in october and take a quick trip to the park where baby bug took his first ride down the slide. here's his joyous pre-slide smile...

which is in stark contrast to his, post-slide "i'm not so sure about this?" face. how cute is this? kuddos to my hubby for snapping these on his camera phone, they are such great shots.

happy tuesday! {monica}


  1. Hope you guys start feeling better and seriously adorable pics!

  2. I look Cohen's expression in the second photo! He is adorable. The hat is super cute on him too.