thrifting finds. afghans and dresses.

we pretty much hit the thrift store jackpot over the weekend.  maybe cohen's my lucky charm? i got a gigantic mound of lovely things. here is part one of our finds (the other part to come)...

we have been on the hunt for handmade afghans for a while now.  i knew what i wanted, but i didn't want to spend a lot to get them, so i waited. i waited and i waited, hoping to find them at a thrift store for a decent price.  after a few months of looking i finally hit the jackpot and found these two beauties for $1.99 a piece.  can you say, cha ching? of course i was completely freaked out about the possibility of bed bugs, so i did what any irrational mother would do, and quarantined the blankets for 3 days inspecting them on a daily basis, then washed and dried them at a super high temperature three times. i can now say they are bed bug free.

aren't they great?  i just love all the colors.

we also found, these fun dresses.
 the blue dress will need a couple modifications, but i plan to get those completed over the upcoming weekend.
the other dress was an awesome steal. it's a brand new forever 21 dress that i swear i remember spotting on their website last month! not only was it brand new, with the $24.99 price tag still on it, but i was able to buy it for $1.49 at salvation army. crazy huh? 

don't you just love a good deal?
happy tuesday! {monica}

stay tuned for tomorrow's post where i spill my guts about the most embarassing thing ever!


  1. I'm loving the blur dress with the leopard skinny belt. I can't wait to see what the end result is after your modifications.

  2. I think I need to hit goody's and sally's as my mom calls them!

  3. Why didn't I just scroll down, it's clearly been a few days since I've had my Monica blog fix. Love the dresses. I should show you the thrift modifications I've made. :)