recipe...eggplant salad country-style.

let's face it...eggplant isn't exactly the greatest vegetable. it's bland, mushy, and kinda boring (okay, really boring if i'm being honest).  so when my aunt sent me this recipe for eggplant salad country-style from the cookbook olive and the caper: adventures in greek cooking, i was excited to try it. 

maybe this would be the recipe to make me actually enjoy eggplant?

well, let me tell you, this recipe is awesome!  so good, i am almost positive i will be buying this cookbook over the weekend. (see some book reviews here and here).

the taste is very mediterranean, similar to tabbouleh (although chris for some reason thought it tasted like guacamole?).  if you like greek food, you will love this.  also, it's extremely diet friendly.  it's vegan, vegetarian, low carb, low sugar, low calorie, and gluten free. yay for healthy yummy things!

happy thursday! {monica}

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